Come join in the fun and a chance to win $4,000 at our annual Spirit of St. Rose Cash Bash/ Draw Down
Friday, November 4, 2022 from 6pm. to 10 pm at Knights of Columbus Hall.  Cost is $100.00

For ticket, please call 815-573-5455 and leave a message or they are available for purchase at Adcraft Printers on Jeffery Street in Kankakee.


Kroger Fundraiser

Kroger Community Rewards is an easy way to support St. Rose Chapel by just making your normal grocery purchases at Kroger.  With every purchase you make at Kroger, St. Rose Chapel will receive a contribution.  The process is very simple, just follow these few steps.

  1. In order to participate, you must have a Kroger Rewards Card  (Available for free at the customer service desk).
  2. Create a Kroger online Account by clicking here.  If you already have an account, just skip this step.
  3. Log on to the Kroger web site and go to the Community Rewards page.
  4. Where it said to search your organization put in:  APSRC or AI364. You will then see "Association for the Preservation (APSRC)" pop up
  5. Then hit Enroll and read the onscreen information.

    Thanks to all who shop at Krogers and enroll into this program ??