St. Rose Chapel Cleaning members needed

St. Rose Chapel is looking for people who would be interested in helping clean the chapel on a monthly bases. Cleaning the chapel will take place on the Monday prior to our monthly mass. Cleaning the chapel includes the upstairs & downstairs, which consist of dusting, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, and wiping off window seals. We welcome men as well as women.
If you are willing to help, please email me at
Please pass the word to anyone you know that may also be willing to help.

St. Rose Chapel Prayer Garden

There are still  4x8 custom engraved brick paver  available for purchase, if you are interested you can still download the Paver Order form by clicking on the image below


Restoration of plaster and stained glass

Restoration of plaster and stained glass

Your loving dollar donations at work

Mass Intentions for St. Rose Chapel Monthly Masses

There will be a book located at the front of the chapel for anyone to write the name(s) of loved one(s) for monthly mass intentions.  These intentions will be mentioned collectively by Fr. Lescher during the mass.
You may also call the Chapel at 815-573-5455 and leave a message with the name(s) of your love ones(s) and we will transfer the names(s) to the book.
There will be no fee for any intentions.

Ministry Volunteers needed

Hello friends, I am looking for those of you who are communion ministers, ushers and or have a child who has served as an altar server and who would like to volunteer to serve at mass for St. Rose Chapel. Also if anyone attending mass who may be interested in caring up the gifts, we would like to hear from you as well. Remember we are only able to hold one mass a month.  So if anyone is interested in offering your services please let me know.
Thanks again for all your support, one of the Association’s goal is to get our members more involved, so we appreciate all that you have done already  and God Bless